Apollo Tyres "Bad Roads Go To Good Places" by Mindshare

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Satish Sharma, president, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres, said: “We are sharpening our focus on the SUV segment in India, with specialized tyres for different terrains, as this vehicle segment is growing faster than passenger cars. The excellent test results, and the global efforts that have gone into developing the Apollo Apterra AT2, gives us the confidence that this tyre will set a new benchmark in the all-terrain tyre space, and will further propel our leadership in the SUV segment.”

Ruchi Mathur, senior vice president, client leadership, Mindshare North and East added: “There is an organic momentum in the SUV category and therefore, this was the perfect time to launch Apollo Apterra AT2. Our primary task was to decode, identify and then reach the SUV enthusiast.

"Given that we were talking to a niche segment, we needed a hyper customized approach, which our proprietary tool and framework (the Adaptive Marketing Framework), helped with. By leveraging these, we understood the interests of the target audience and converted these insights into a strong strategy and action plan, across offline and online channels. We played to the niche segment, but with scale.”

Media Agency: Mindshare