Avocados From Mexico Big Game spot

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A perfect society unravels when they realize they left something pretty important behind.

Check out #GuacWorld, the 2018 Avocados From Mexico Big Game spot, and don't forget to explore guacworld.com for more avo goodness.

Ad Agency: GSD&M

Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell

President: Marianne Malina

Group Creative Director: Tom Hamling

Group Creative Director: Tim Eger

ACD/Copy: Barrett Michael, Leigh Browne

ACD/AD: Greg Wyatt, Jon Williamson

Director of Production: Jack Epsteen

Account Director: Sabia Siddiqi

Account Supervisor: Audrey Henderson, Cat Snyder

Director of Business Affairs: Lindsay Wakabayashi

Chief Strategist: Andrew Teagle

Project Manager: Venus Soto

PR Communications Manager: Chelsey Korman

Production Company: O Positive

Directors: David Shane/Michael Clancy

Director of Photography: Marc Laliberte-Else

Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella

Executive Producer: Marc Grill

Producer: Ken Licata

Editorial: Arcade Edit

Editor: Nick Rondeau

Asst. Editor: Dean Miyahira

Managing Partner: Damian Stevens

EP: Crissy DeSimone

HOP: Kirsten Thon-Webb

Producer: Alexa Atkin

Editorial: GSD&M (Teaser)

Editor/Animator: Jacob Stern/Nick Grisham (Teaser)

Associate Producer: Mystie Pineda (Teaser)

Online, VFX, Color: Timber

Creative Directors/Partners: Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau

VFX Set Supervisor: Jonah Hall

Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo

Flame Artist: Brian Shneider

Flame Assists: Brandon Harden, Brack Hightchew, Erik Rojas

Design: Kevin Lau, Jon Lorenz, Zach Carnes, James Kim

CG: Jeff Willette, Jon Lorenz, Brandon Lester, Erik Zimmermann

Nuke Artists: Michael Loney, Mark Robben, Cris Kong, Daniel Svaboe

Colorist: Miles Kinghorn

Producers: Jillian Lynes, James Reid

Production Coordinator: Michelle CasHllo

Music & Sound Design Company: Robot Repair

Music: Kael Alden

Sound Design: Doug Darnell

Audio Post Studio: Eleven Mix: Jeff Payne

Asst. Mixer: Jordan Meltzer & Andrew Smith

Executive Producer: Melissa Elston

Producer: Maddee Bonniot

Mix: David Bewley/Pony Sound (Teaser)