BMW i3 Super Bowl 2015 "Newfangled Idea"

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Video advertising:

In 1994, no one knew how big the internet would be. Not even broadcast journalists Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric. 21 years later, a new big idea has them scratching their heads again. #HelloFuture

Katie Couric said: “When BMW offered me the chance to turn back the clock to 1994 and make fun of Bryant—and myself – I jumped at the opportunity,” - “The tape doesn’t lie, we weren’t exactly visionaries back then, but thankfully in 2015 we are much more adept @ recognizing game-changing, environmentally friendly innovations like the BMW i3.”

Bryant Gumbel said: “The BMW i3 Super Bowl spot is my very first commercial, and the opportunity to reunite with Katie was a no-brainer,” - “We are not actors, and we got to be ourselves, which made it fun and easy.”

Advertising Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners< USA