Bulat Utemuratov Foundation: "the ordinary life of unusual children"

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Children with autism: the ordinary life of unusual children

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Bulat Utemuratov Foundation has released a video for the World Autism Awareness Day. All April, the world perform activities to highlight issues related to this disorder, to debunk the myths and discuss the latest research on the matter.

To support this, the foundation released a video so that as many people as possible could learn about autism and undergo timely diagnosis.

The video shows the lives of children with ASD and their hobbies. It does not look like usual tearjerker social advertising and does not mean that ASD is a problem. Quite the opposite, it reflects that the life of such children is not much different.

Creative team
Account: Bulat Utemuratov Foundation
Communications Manager: Yerkin Uderbay
Communications Coordinator: Almira Kozhakhmetova

Creative Agency: RA Kombinat
Creative Director: Nikita Yermolayev
General Producer: Yelena Dmitriyeva
Producer: Taissiya Samoilova
Copyrighter: Rasul Abidov, Aigerim Duisenova
Site Assistant: Elmira Baidoldinova
Make-up artist: Vera Dushina

Director and Art Director: Yana Tyulkina
Producer and Art Director: Dmitry Kolodin
Stage Directors: Dmitry Zaretskiy, Sergey Lebedev, Mikhail Lazarev, Sergey Dmitriyev, Pavel Larionov, Timur Dauytbayev
Cameraman: Bakhtiyar Sadykov
Gaffer: Aleksander Kvasov

1AC: Aleksandr Kostanidi
Opticsman: Nikolay Mitryasov
Lampmen: Ruslan Salamov, Yuriy Shiryaev, Viktor Startsev
Cart mechanics: Alexander Gura, Sergey Permyakov

Post-production Producer: Arkadiy Hwan
Editing: Timur Kadralov
Script: Valentin Popov

Colorgrading: Ruslan Mukhambetov
Equipment provided by Rent-A-Film

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