Coca-Cola: Discover your move in order to keep moving

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Video advertising:

Aiming to encourage young people to discover a move able to make them happy, Coca-Cola developed an activity created by WMcCann Brasil that gives continuity to the campaign entitled Discover your move in order to keep moving. An exclusive skateboard ramp was installed for one day at Flamengo Park, Rio de Janeiro, so lovers of this sport could do their maneuvers. The ramp explores the sinuosity of the classic white stripe present in Coca-Colaâs logo. The 75-second film created for internet shows the activation whose objective is to inspire teenagers to have a more active life.

Advertising Agency:WMcCann, Sao Paulo, Brazil

CCO:Washington Olivetto / Creative Vp:Guime Davidson
Creative Director:Carlos "Ia" Murad / Creatives:Adriano Nuevo, Victor Martins, Felipe Racca
Planning:Hui Jin Park, Roberto Vianello, Igor Santos / Account Service:Marcio Borges, Juliana Senna, Bruna Paraizo, Gustavo Tupinambá / Media Planning:Carla Dart, Elton Baesso, Paloma Cordeiro, Ione Ribeiro, Maria Luiza Kruel / VP of Production:Marcelo Hack
Rtvc:Regina Knapp, Viviane Dias, Natalia Soares / Production Company:Hardcuore
Film Director:Rafael Cazes, Breno Pineschi / Production Director:Jazmin Castillo
Photography Director:Breno Cunha, Guilherme Sussekind / Post Production:Hebert Marmo
Sound Production:Diogo Strauz / Interpreters:Ledjane Motta e Maria Pia Saboia
Author:Diogo Strausz / Project Director:Karina Rios / Project Manager:Luana Carvalho