Coke Zero - Great Coke taste. Zero sugar

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Coke Zero wanted to know what it takes for people to notice the difference between Coca-Cola and Coke Zero, without conducting another boring taste test.

Introducing Zero Clue! An interactive taste test that got Coca-Cola drinkers unknowingly enjoying a Coke Zero thanks to a unique and innovative colour-changing can.

Coke Zero - Great Coke taste. Zero sugar.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt / Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt / Creative Directors: Yvan Hiot, David Raichman / Copywriters: Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet, Sophie Baruchel
Art Directors: Baptiste Clinet, Nicolas Lautier, Florian Bodet, Nicolas Gagner,Martin Olivier
Illustrator: Robyn Makynson / Typographer: Robyn Makynson / Producers: Laure Bayle, Aurélie Appert / Account Supervisors: Philip Heimann, Tonya Fossey / Advertiser's Supervisors: Danielle Henry, Miranda Madar / Account Manager: Anne-Sophie Carbo, Larry Ball-Piatti, Gianluca Brisigotti / Planner: Hadi Zabad / Global Group Content Director: Guy Duncan / Global Creative Director: Danielle Henry / Global Communications Manager: Miranda Madar / Technology Partner: Capital Innovation