Dewar's: Dewar's True Scotch

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LIVE TRUE: Dewar's True Scotch

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Wanted: men and women for True Scotch.

Long days in the open air. Extended periods without immediate reward. Comradeship essential.

Wanted: men and women with a love for the land, with respect for our roots, to dirty their hands with endeavour -- not speculation. Courageous men and women to uphold over 160 years of tradition, to live beyond the walls of fame and fashion and the opinions of the rest of the world.

Advertising Agency: &Rosas, Barcelona, Spain

Executive creative Director: Isahac Oliver / Art Directors: Nacho Ginestra, Anna Gasulla
Copywriter: Jorge Segarra / Account Managers: Kirsten Haack, Edu Rojo, Thibaud Vincent-Genod
Agency Producers: Esther Fernandez, Patricia Garcia, Cristina Ariso / Editor: Alba Oriol
Production Company: Agosto / Director: Nacho Gayan
Producer: Toni Moreno / DOP: Franz Lutzig
Post production: Deluxe

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