Dunkin' Donuts "Cheersin"

Video advertising:

Dunkin’ remixes a holiday classic and amps up the traditional yuletide ad with the new "Cheersin’" spot, celebrating their new holiday cup lineup in true Gen-Z fashion. Cut in the spirit of a social media video, the ad swaps between actors with clever side-by-side effects and colorful editing, bringing separate shoots together in the spirit of a more virtual holiday season.

Cheersin’ is set to a remixed "Jingle Bells" using its own Cheersin’ Cup lyrics, with music, composition and sound design by global creative audio network Squeak E. Clean Studios. Justin Hori and Guy Brown composed the catchy tune, with vocals by musical artist Krystal Metcalfe.


Composers: Justin Hori + Guy Brown

Vocal Talent: Krystal Metcalfe

Creative Director: Zac Colwell

Senior Mix Engineer: Stuart Welch

Senior Producer: Danielle Toporoff

Danielle Toporoff

Senior Producer / Music Supervisor

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