Givenchy "L'Interdit"

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Video advertising:

Unveiling the new L’Interdit fragrance campaign video by Todd Haynes starring Rooney Mara.

The film and advertisement image project a singular, cinematographic style, in line with Givenchy's own specific universe. Both the photographer and film director of L'Interdit have known how to transpose the underground yet nonetheless couture feel of the fragrance.

The shooting took place in the porte des Lilas Metro station in Paris.
In this campaign, dressed in a black Lace Givenchy Haute Couture dress, the muse is armed solely with her fragrance, for a truly liberating experience.

"Experience the thrill of the forbidden. Its fragrance sets free a white flower imbued with black notes, for a luminous kind of femininity flirting with the dark side. Forbid yourself nothing. Allow no rules. An invitation to defy convention and embrace your singularity."