Hard Seltzer Gets 'Lemon-Aided' in Labatt Blue Light Campaign

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Hard lemonade gets extra zing in brand Labatt Blue Light’s latest product launch, a line of seltzer lemonades in four flavors, and brand campaign out of production companies Valiant Pictures and KAPWA. Accompanying digital and social media spots showcase a golfer’s would-be birdie getting a ‘lemon-aided’--literally--boost thanks to a swig of Labatt Blue Light Seltzer Lemonade. 

Directed by Andres Gomez, collage-style animation and a primary color palette breathe life into a dreary day and give one golfer a much-needed mulligan. Sunny yellow stands out in the whimsical spot, harkening to everyone’s strategy of choice when life does occasionally give you lemons.


Client: Labatt USA

Janine Schoos, Labatt USA Brand Director

Jaime Polisoto, Labatt USA Brand Manager

Agency: Eventive Marketing

Quincy Marr, VP, Account Leadership

Amy LaFrance, Account Director

Lauren Seebacher, Art Director

Cathy McCullough, Senior Creative Services Manager

Laurence Velcoff, VP, Insight & Strategy

Amy Beth Stern, VP, Business Growth & Client Strategy

Production Company: Valiant Pictures + KAPWA

Vincent Lin,  Executive Producer, Creative Director 

Matthew D’Amato, Executive Producer

Robertino Zambrano, Executive Producer

Andres Gomez, Director

Animation Company: La Finka

Andres Gomez

Alejandra Arboleda

Diego Perez

Andres Huertas

Audio Post: Dragonfly Audio Post

Benjamin S.L. Wong, Sound Mixer & Designer 

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