Hostess: "Honey Buns & Donettes" by Argonaut

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New Hostess™ Honey Bun cereal from Post!
New Hostess™ Donettes™ cereal from Post!

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Watch as the tiny Honey Buns make their way through the tiny bakery and on to a cereal box near you!

Take a peek inside the tiny bakery! This is where the tiny Donettes™ get their powdered sugar coating.

Advertising Agency: Argonaut, USA

Chief Creative Officer: Hunter Hindman
Creative Directors: Shane Fleming, Anders Gustafson
Producer: Jason Curtis
Chief Marketing Officer: Katie Miller
Brand Director: Lauren Martinez
Assistant Brand Manager: Francis Miles
Director: Borja Pena Gorostegui
Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh
Head of Business Development: Justin Booth-Clibborn
Executive Producer: Noah Goldsmith
Head of Production: Drew Bourneuf
Producer: Brian Butcher
Line Producer: Jessica Lee
Production Company: Psyop
DoP: Jason Hargreaves
Designer: Juliana Ouyang
Storyboard Artist: Max Forward
2D Compositors: Lane Jolly, Ryan Raith
Flame Artist: Kim Stevenson
Flame Assist: John Buzon
Editors: James Petix, Brett Nicoletti
Assistant Editor: Alice Cen
Colorist: Eoin Sherry
Miniature Set Fabricator: Eoin Sherry

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