Intermarché presents "Et Moi ?" (What about me?)

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"What about me? What about me? What about me?" ("Et moi ? Et moi ? Et moi ?")

All parents of large families hear these little words dozens of times a day. Like a cute and heady tune, they punctuate the days of one family in five in France. The latest Intermarché film, created by Romance and directed by Rudi Rosenberg follows the daily life of one of these families with tenderness and poetry.

In French, the saying goes: "Famille nombreuse, famille heureuse" ("Large families, happy families"). Well, large families will be happy to learn that Intermarché is offering them 10% off card benefits on more than 1,700 everyday products. Enough to make smaller families jealous and likely to say: “What about me?” 

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