An invitation to come and try out the new Audi e-tron Sportback

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Romance and Audi decided to work with the 3D design studio Area of Work (L. Vuitton, Nike, Chanel) to visually illustrate all the details that make the Audi e-tron Sportback so unique and most of all the brand’s new electric flagship. The result: 60 seconds of complete immersion that feels like actually driving the new Audi model and an invitation to come and try out the model in an Audi dealership.

In order to bring the experience to a next level, a dedicated device has also been designed in partnership with Spotify. Directly on the app or with a vocal assistant with the «Audi electric» command, users have access to a dedicated album that allows them to discover the model in different environments (in the mountains, in the city, in the rain, etc.).

"The current situation we are going through has led us to rethink the test drive of a vehicle in a 100% digital format. It seemed essential to us to transcribe the driving experience of the latest Audi electric model through an immersive, 100% digital sensory journey." Caroline Guittonneau, Creative Director, Romance

"Our communication initiatives always aim to be innovative in order to constantly arouse the interest of our targets. This is why the combination of very high-definition video combined with ASMR sound seemed to be a very good device to leverage in media." Meriem Lahssen, Communication and Media Manager, Audi France

"We take so much effort to build a pleasant sound environment for our electric vehicles that it felt essential to us to talk about it in an innovative way. This complete journey allows us to invite the user from his/her computer, mobile phone or voice assistant to the dealership in a smart way." Ajai Navaneethan, Digital Marketing Manager, Audi France.


Audi France
Marketing Director : Nathalie Hoffet
Communication and Marketing Head : Charles Hervet
Communication and Media Manager : Meriem Lahssen
Digital Marketing Manager : Ajai Navaneethan
Communication Executive : Claire Lelandais

CEO : Christophe Lichtenstein
Executive Creative Director : Alexandre Hervé
Creative Director : Caroline Guittonneau
Conception : Caroline Guittonneau, Thomas Champin
Artistic Director : Thomas Champin
Copywrite r: Tristan Dubost
Associate Director : Sébastien de Milleville
Account Director : Sarah Holgado
Strategic planner : Benoit Clavé
Project executives : Marion Caruso, Marvin Gros, Philippine Ferrier

Video Production (3D) : Area of Work
Sound production : The


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