Jimmy John's: Freaky Fresh by WIP

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Jimmy John’s – Hard Stop
Jimmy John’s – Drawing the Line
Jimmy John's- Six Minutes

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"Why do we only deliver within 5 minutes of the store when nothing is stopping us from going farther? To keep your sandwiches Freaky Fresh.® We mean it. "

"At Jimmy John’s, we go to great lengths to ensure your sandwich is delivered Freaky Fresh.® And by great lengths, we mean within 5 minutes of the store.
Because sandwich."

"A classic story of the haves, the have nots, and the sandwich halves that only half the characters have. 
Because Sandwich."

Order at https://www.jimmyjohns.com/

Client: Jimmy John's    

Chief Marketing Officer: John Shea

Director Of Consumer Engagement: Nathan Louer

Director Of Customer Acquisition & Loyalty: Suzanne Derouchie

Senior Designer: Chris Phillips

Marketing Operations Senior Manager: Kristi Kaiser

Head Of Consumer Video & Chief Editor: Spencer Liautaud

Agency: Wip_

Partner - Creative: Matt Talbot

Creative Director: Stephen Dalton

Creative Director: Lauren Perlow

Associate Creative Director: Josh Shelton

Senior Art Director: Allison Bhatta

Copywriter: Andrew Bridgers

Senior Designer: Jimmy Rosen

Partner_production: Stafford Bosak

Executive Producer: Nicole Schofield

Partner_account & Strategy: Alex Guerri

Partner_account & Strategy: Evan Russack

Director_account & Strategy: Stacy Moss

Supervisor_account & Strategy: Sally Kubancik

Partner_technology: Harold Jones

Production Company: Caviar

Director: Keith Schofield

Director Of Photography: Damian Joaquin Acevedo

Prod Co Executive Producer: Michael Sagol

Prod Co Executive Producer: Jasper Thomlinson

Line Producer: Bp Cooper

Editorial Company: Cabin

Editors: Graham Turner & Randy Baublis

Editorial Managing Director: Carr Schilling

Editorial Producer: Liz Lydecker


Color: The Mill

Colorist: Gregory Reese

Vfx & Finishing Company: Electric Theatre Collective

Vfx Supervisor: Tommy Smith

Digital Matte Painter: Nathan Aardvark

2d Artists: Dylan Brown, James Aguilar, Maryam Riahi, Josh Guillaume, Ujala Saini

Vfx Head Of Production: Serena Noorani

Vfx Producer: Sabrina Harrison

Music House: Butter Music + Sound

Music Cco: Andrew Sherman

Music Ecd: Tim Kvasnosky

Music Executive Producer: Annick Mayer

Music Producer: Stone Irr

Mix House: Formosa

Sound Designer / Mixer: John Bolen

2nd Mixer: Hermann Thumann

Audio Executive Producer: Lauren Cascio

Five minutes is not a guaranteed delivery time. Actual delivery times will vary.

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