Kelly Clarkson - Broken & Beautiful

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Atlantic Records, in partnership with STX Films, has launched the official video companion to Kelly Clarkson’s “Broken & Beautiful,” featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming animated feature film UglyDolls. ATK PLN provided the animation for the cameo appearances of the UglyDolls characters in the live action music video, directed by Hound’s Jay Martin. ATK PLN worked closely with sister company Reel FX, who animated the feature film. 

The video, which features Clarkson’s daughter River Rose, shows the Grammy-winning singer backstage preparing for a show. Through her positive self affirmations of “I know I’m Superwoman, I know I’m strong,” the insatiably curious pink UglyDoll Moxy (voiced by Clarkson in the film) causes a behind-the-scenes stir as she takes it upon herself to get a full access glimpse into the performance. But while the security guard is somewhat less-than-amused (and out of breath), Clarkson and her daughter are charmed by Moxy’s excitement and confidence.


Client: Atlantic Records

SVP Music Video, Content and Development: Phil Botti

Manager, Video Content and Production: Steven Salgado


Production Company: Hound

Director: Jay Martin

Producer: Jeremy Sullivan


Animation: ATK PLN

Sr Producer: Samantha Daniel

Assoc. CG Supervisor: Jeff Masters

Lighting/Compositing: Lyn Caudle, Shannon Thomas, Michael Zollinger 

Modeling: Daniel Ries

Technical Supervisor: Jon Speer


Crowd and Confetti: Ingenuity Studios

Color - Co3