LensCrafters: high-quality vision care

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This year, LensCrafters decided to take a stand for high-quality vision care. This movie is a wonderful tribute to eyes and all the amazing things they do.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France

Chief Creative Officer: Anne De Maupeou / Executive Creative Director: Dimitri Guerassimov / Art director: France Bizot / Chief Executive Planner: Rob Klingensmith / Planning Director: David Daines / World Wide Director: Alberto Scorticati / Account Director: Fanny Delaunay / Account Executive: Roberto Pinto / TV Production: Pierre Marcus, Florent Villiers / Sound production: Schmooze / Sound producer: Clémens Hourrière / Prodigious // Director: The Ensrettet / Production company: Frenzy / Producer: Elsa Rakotoson / Post-production: Frenzy / Director of photography: Steven Keith-Roach / Music: Carl Orff / Photographer: Jason Hetherington