Lidl "Micromarket" by Volt

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Lidl – Micromarket
Lidl – Micromarket - The Opera
Lidl – Micromarket - The Lamp
Lidl – Micromarket - The Sausage Hug
Lidl – Micromarket - On&Off

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In Sweden, no food chain evokes more emotions than Lidl. You´re either a full-blown fan or a hard to convince skeptic. So why not make opposites meet?

That is the general idea behind the new campaign that launches Lidl Micromarket – a new chain of “home stores” available only for true Lidlers who want to help spread the word of smarter shopping and better living. In all channels we brought forward an offer from Lidl stating that “if you invite your most sceptical friends to your home, we’ll give you everything needed to convince them.

Lidlers could apply for the box at

Advertising Agency: Volt, Stockholm, Sweden

Art Director: Christian Jörgensen
Copywriter: Johan Sundberg
Designer: Michael Lee Björkö
Account Director: Sandra Bergman
Strategist: Henrik Stampe
Planner: Erica Knutsson Thelin
Account Manager: Jonna Liljendahl
Agency Producer: Fabian Mannheimer
PR Creative: Samuel Skwarski
Director: Traktor
Production Company: Giants & Toys
Exc Producer: Christian Rehnfors
Producer: Henning Cronheim
DoP: John Strandh
Set stylist: Agustin Moreaux

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