LinkedIn "What are you searching for? | #InItTogether"

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Video advertising:

Client: LinkedIn

Advertising Agency: BMB, UK

What are you searching for in your next job? Search millions of jobs on LinkedIn and find one meant for you: #InItTogether

CCO: Matt Lever
Creative: Harry Boothman
Business Director: Jake Goodman
Account Director: Matthew Bonny
Account Manager: Liv Myers
Agency Producer: Alex Paterakis
Production Company: Academy Films
Director: Novemba
Producer: Steve Overs
Production Manager: Laura Duffy
Cinematographer: James Blann
Editors: Stephen Dunn / Anthem Film, Liam Bachler / Testimonial Films
Colourist: Jason Wallis / Electric Theatre Collective
Producer: Oscar Wendt
Sound Designer: Tom Guest / CYLNDR
Producer: Tom Sparks