Liquid Death - Keep the Underworld Beautiful #DeathToPlastic

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

Liquid Death brand launched a new marketing campaign against overuse of plastic bottles.

A humorous video shows hell filled with trash from the earth. Demons urge people to stop consuming and throw away plastic, as it destroys the aesthetics of the underworld. The brand inspires users to abandon plastic bottles using the hashtag #DeathToPlastic.

According to the company, 91% of all plastic is not recyclable, unlike aluminium, which can be recycled again and again. The brand’s strategy can attract millennials, 35% of them consume less alcohol and 27% drink less beer. The advertising campaign was launched ahead of the launch of sparkling water. 

Advertising Agency: Party Land, USA

Co-Founder/CEO/CCO: Matt Heath
Co-Founder/Manager: Haley Heath
Managing Director: Madison Gargan
Senior Producer: Jenny Jones
Copywriter: Cailey Jacoby
Art Director: Sarah Johnson
Production: REVERIE
Director: Jeff+Pete
Partner/Executive Producer: Rich Pring
Partner/Executive Producer: Cathleen O'Conor Stern
Production Service: Habitant Productions
Managing Partner: Santiago Lebrija
Managing Partner: Enrique Santos
Head of Production: Arturo Arroyo
Executive Producer: Marisela Caropresi
DP: Leo Calzoni
Art Director: Carlos Gamboa
Prosthetics/Makeup: Roberto Ortiz
Wardrobe: Maximiliano Patko
Edit: Cabin
Editor: Nick Deliberto
Managing Director: Carr Schilling
EP: Adam Becht, Remy Foxx
Producer: Katy Leste
VFX: Shape & Light
Creative Director: Rob Trent
Lead Flame: Paul Heagney
Flame Assist: Austin Lewis
EP: Cara Lehr
Producer: Arielle Weir
Color: Olio Creative
Colorist: Marshall Plante
EP: Natalie Westerfield
Sound & Mix: Barking Owl
Sound Designer & Mixer: Matt Keith
Creative Director: Kelly Bayett
Producer: Ashley Benton

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