The manliest low-calorie soda

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Before we had tablet computers, computers, power steering, and vegans -- men had non-ironic beards, hawk friends, and the ability to live off the land with nothing more than a Dr Pepper TEN.

To train a wild hawk to retrieve Dr Pepper TEN from the wilderness, you need to master the cry of the hawk. To master the cry of the hawk, it helps to name the hawk Gary. No one knows why, it just does.

Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter / Group Creative Director: Brett Craig
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ACD, Copywriter: Ryan Lehr / Copywriter: Trey Tyler / Art Director: Jacob Abernathy
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Executive Producer: Lisa K. Johnson / Producer (Post): Matthew Magsaysay
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Visual Effects Company: The Mill / Executive Producer: Sue Troyan / Producer: Jess Ambrose
Music/Composer(s): Massive Music / Creative Director: Tim Adams / Executive Producer: Scott Cymbala
Composer: Tim Adams / Producer: Jessica Entner / Sound Designer Company: Massive Music
Sound Designer: Dean Hovey / Audio Post Company: Lime Studios / Mixers: Mark Meyuhas
Assistant Mixers: Matt Miller / Executive Producer: Jessica Locke