Mentos proposes to Finland on behalf of Singapore

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Last year, BBH and Mentos encouraged Singaporeans to contribute to solving the island nation's meagre birth rate by "getting it on" on the occasion of Singapore's National Day.

This year -- the country itself gets flirtatious, in National Day Proposal -- a cheeky name that also bears the same initials as NDP, more familiarly associated with "National Day Parade," the glitzy, opulent and free show that takes place on Aug. 9 every year to celebrate Singapore's nationhood. The "proposal" comes from Singapore to Finland, a nation where the air-conditioning is always on and land is plentiful, two things Singapore lacks. So why not marry the two? As of May, Singapore's population was just over 5.4 million, while Finland's was the same. The difference is in landmass: Singapore's a meager 687 km-squared, and Findland's is 338,424 km-squared.

Advertising Agency: BBH, Singapore

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