MINI: A Passenger’s Guide to the New MINI Countryman

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1. The front seat. A coveted spot second only to the driver’s. Don’t overstep your bounds and you can be assured that you’ll have that sweet space to savour for the duration of your trip.

2. Passengers of the new MINI Countryman must always be prepared for spontaneous off road driving situations. But don’t expect these excursions to trade comfort for excitement.

3. Wayward travels can tire you out. Mind the time when resting your eyes in a MINI Countryman, once it gets going it doesn’t want to stop.

4. A proper passenger always opens the door for a lady. Thankfully, generosity like this can be met with instant karma.

Agency: Heimat, Berlin, Germany

Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Mengele / Executive Creative Director: Myles Lord
Copywriter: Axel Didon / Art Director: Anthony Montagne
Account Director: Amarna Lips / Production company: Soup Film
Director: Matt Smukler / Post production: Chimney