Mobil1 & Porsche - Directors Cut

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

Frame pumps life into Mobil1 motor oil & Porsche.
In this spectacular film a mean and aggressive machine bull is conceived and brought into being by the blood of Porsche, the Mobil1 motor oil. The concept of this co-branded piece is to show how Mobil 1 motor oil is the most hi-tech and durable oil available for Porsche's high performance cars.
Frame helped the agency launch the Mobil1 campaign by utilizing a mix of live-action, animation and VFX as Frame collaborated with the talented people at Ghost VFX, who contributed with look development, character animation and subsequently composited their renders.
Frame acted as a creative partner with the agency to create the initial concepts and execution of the insanely detailed animations. The dystopian commercial was directed, designed and animated by Frame Copenhagen, led by Creative Director/Director Anders Schroder.

Advertising Agency: Dittborn & Unzueta, Chile

Production Company: Fabula Chile / Director: Anders Schroder
Design: Santiago Zoraidez / Edit & Grading: Anders Schroder
Animation: Jacob Linnemann, Franz Ferdinand Kubin, Tom Crate
Character Animation: Feanor Engemann, Tom Crate, Lars Hummelshøj
Riggers: Sasha Ciolac, Rasmus Bælum / VFX Supervisor: Esben Syberg
Ass. Supervisor: Ivan Kondrup Jensen / Modellers: Mats Andersson, Tobias Danbo, Mikael Aktan
FX Artist: Anders Heilemann / Mattepaint: Mikael Widegren
Render Artists: Mats Andersson, Anton Svensson, Per Sundin, Dan Andersen
Compositors: Felix Turesson, Jonathan Harris, Michael Theander
Post Producer: Louise Bejerholm / Ass. Producer: Emil Holm
VFX Producer: Rikke Gjerløv Hansen  Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio
Executive Producer: Thomas Bay