Monoprix "Where's My Sock?" by Rosapark

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With just 1 day to the 1st of April we present a new campaign from French sock manufacturer, Monoprix. A joke or not, it’s actually a damn fine idea – a set of three socks for when one goes lost.

Advertising Agency: Rosapark, Paris, France

Client: Monoprix

Co-Founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Creative Directors: Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco
Associate Manager: Quentin Labat
Account Director: Lucile Wissocq
Head of Digital Strategy: Jeanne Neuschwander
Account Manager: Charlotte Giraud
Copywriter: Hélène Boudin
AD: Nazgol Athari-Nejad
Strategic Planner: Sacha Lacroix
TV Producer: Thomas Laurent, Cerise Podetti
PR: Mélanie Colléou, Theda Braddock
Production: De Gaulle
Director: Tom Bartowicz