Nationale-Nederlanden: 100% satisfaction with your car claim

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Nationale-Nederlanden, the biggest insurance company in The Netherlands introduces something new: Insurances. Not like the ones you know, but rock hard service promises like Insurance #1: 100% satisfaction with your car claim, or else 4 months premium back. This new proposition is communicated in a spot directed by Sam Cadman with Franz Lustig as DOP. We see a contemporary 'Family von Trapp' happily singing 'do re mi' while passing a bucket. Only in the end we see why: their beloved family van is engulfed in raging flames. But the family of nine is carefree as can be.

Thanks to the Insurance of Nationale-Nederlanden.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Account Director: Andreas Möller / Strategy: Jan Bouts / Executive Creative Director / Concept / Copywriter / Art Director: Bas Korsten / Screen producer: Francoise Tanis / Director: Sam Cadman
Production Company: Rogue Films / Producer: Kate Hitchings / Director of Photography: Franz Lustig
Post Production: The Mill / Music: Do-Re-Mi, Rodgers&Hammerstein / Massive Music / Sound Studio: Michael Sauvage / Warnier