Nissan: the 100% electric New Nissan Leaf

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The New Nissan Leaf

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62,000 owners experience the surge of excitement from driving the 100% electric New Nissan Leaf. It is time to feel it for yourself.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\G1, TBWA London, \Else, UK

Creative Director: Rudi Anggono / Creatives: David Hobbs, Richard Stoney, Nick Cooper
Strategic Director: Filippo Del'Osso
Account Management: Ewan Veitch, Alexandra Johnson, Eva Gotteland, Caroline Allard, Gaëlle Guillou
Head of TV production: Maxime Boiron / TV Producer: Amer Zoghbi / Production: LA PAC
Director: Olivier Gondry / Post Production: MIKROS / Executive Producer: Dominique Lauga / La Pac
Line Producer: Eric Lipchitz / La Pac
Post-producer: Clément Massu / La Pac
Sound Producer: Benoit Dunaigre / Sound Design: Kouz Production / Band: Suuns
Track / Title: Arena / Noone Remix

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