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Seven years after it started operating, France’s low-cost train service TGV OUIGO offers the possibility of traveling all over France by high-speed train at discount prices. More than just passenger transport, OUIGO is a state of mind, a smart version of mobility. 

This past July, OUIGO inaugurated its new Paris-Lyon line, from city center to city center in only two hours, with a new brand promise of "smart travel" in France at high speed and low costs. 

For the occasion, OUIGO and Rosapark once again joined forces to launch a new campaign: "Traffic Jam". 

Since August 10, motorists taking the road between Paris and Lyon might have come across an unusual new activation, created by OUIGO’s agency Rosapark, on the back of one of 200 trucks. A new outdoor campaign that aims to surprise and playfully pokes fun at drivers stuck in traffic jams, while calling attention to OUIGO’s low prices. The communication campaign also popped up in cars through messages relayed on Waze.   

To accompany the operation, OUIGO and Rosapark are also releasing a new film on September 10th which once again relies on a universal insight: that moment of frustration that exacerbates all the headaches of driving... 

With the film, OUIGO humorously demonstrates that the train is also an option to consider, and points out that Paris and Lyon are only 2 hours apart. 

"Traffic Jam", created by Rosapark, directed by DJAWID HAKIMYAR and produced by Partizan, is a 45’ film in slow motion, a succession of verrryyy slow moments, almost suspended in time.  

As the film progresses, viewers quickly realize that the spot itself isn’t slowed down. Rather, the film’s pace is due to the sluggish movements of despondent motorists stuck in an hours long traffic jam, the kind where time has seemingly stalled. 

In the last shot, the train passing at 300km/h interrupts the lethargy, with the tagline: "Paris - Lyon in 2 hours from 16€, don't miss it". 

The film will launch on social media (FB, Instagram, YouTube) starting September 10. 



Brand Management : Najoua Ben Jemaa, Xavier Gaudel, Lisa Mangin  


Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco 

Executive Creative Directors : Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco 

Creative Directors : Julien Saurin and Nicolas Gadesaude 
Copywriters : Sebastien Mertens and William Verdel  

Art Directors : Sebastien Mertens and William Verdel  

Managing Director : Delphine Drutel 
Client Director : Camille Passot  

Account Manager : Ilana Descourtieux 
Social Media Strategist : Cassandre Geron  

Head of TV production : Elodie Jonquille
Communications Director : Lauren Weber 



DOP : Simon Drescher 

Production : Stan Bertin  

Dir prod : Maxime Gallet 

Post Production : Royal Post & BUF 

Sound Production: Schmooze 

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