Pepsi "#Mother's Day" by DDB

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

We traveled in time to bring to life a 1991 mother's day school production once again with the same students. They staged it as a surprise for their mothers 28 years later.

Advertising Agency: El Taier DDB, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Client: Pepsi

Creative Director: Jose Contreras
Copywriters: Alex Barrera, Luis Vettorazzi, Massimiliano Ricci
Director: Agustín Chibán
Executive Producer: Paula Barriga
Producer: Lucky Chang
Editor:Juan Carlos Aguilar
Art Directors: Pauline Collinot, Jimena Pons
Makeup: Maria Conchita Valenzuela
Equipment:El Foto TV
Scouting:AF Productions
casting and research:AF Productions
Audio Editing:La Rockolita