Pet Supplies Plus - Minus the hassle

Video advertising:

Pet Supplies Plus stores have a smaller footprint than most pet supply chains. They do that intentionally, to make the shopping experience easier on their customers. The “Minus the hassle” campaign was born out of that idea: shopping for pet products can—and should—be easy.

So, what do you get when you take two dogs, 10,000 plastic balls and a couple of cardboard boxes? “Big Box vs. Small Box”—a spot that calls out Big Box retailers (aka PetGoliath) for making shopping for pet products anything but easy as customers (or in this case “Canine Demonstration Artists”) are left searching for the things they need.

“Waiting” capitalizes on the idea that Big Box retailers have longer lines, bigger crowds and less efficient store layouts, meaning customers will have to wait longer for the things they need. (Sorry, Moose!)

Advertising Agency: Young & Laramore, USA
Executive Creative Director: Carolyn Hadlock
Creative Director: Bryan Judkins
Associate Creative Director: Scott King
Art Director: Zac Neulieb
Copyriter: Sarah Holcombe
Designer: Kyle Nordsiek
Chief Strategy Officer / President: Tom Denari
Account Director / Marketing: Brad Bobenmoyer
Senior Account Manager: Cory Schneider
Associate Account Manager: Sam Hanes
Director of Media Planning: Megan Suttile
Executive Producer: Amy Jo Deguzis
Production Companies: Thank You for Lunch, Pizza Fist 100
Producer: Barry Sonders
Director: Jeff + Pete
Editorial: Cutters LA
Editor: Adam Parker