Pringles presents zombie Frank's escape from a video game stream

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The world of video games has become a great asset for brands looking to connect with new audiences through their hobbies. And to this end, Pringles decided to highjack the Twitch stream of a renowned video game influencer, Leah Viathan.

To the surprise of gamers and fans who had their eyes glued to the screen, the zombie Frank decided to escape the video game to enter Leah's room and take the can of Pringles.

But zombie Frank's career does not end with this campaign and, after a series of videos and streams with other influencers such as Doigby, Delux and Reborn_Live, he will be introduced to the West of Dead video game co-created by Pringles from February 10. But this time he will do it with a new purpose. Frank has learned to be more sociable thanks to Pringles and will become a permanent member of the video game, where he will provide tips and advice to players.

Advertising Agency: Grey, UK

Creative Chairman: Javier Campopiano
Chief Creative Officer: Laura Jordan Bambach
Creative Directors: Pedro Rosa, Roberto Kilciauskas
Creatives: Terry O’Neill, Angela Harding
Strategic Planners: Lee Barber, Gil Caldwell-Dunn
Chief Content Officer: José A. Garcia-González
Agency Producer: Michelle Kasper, Greg Kates
Agency Assistant Producer: Veronika Dvorska
Business Lead: Agi Varanyi
Business Director: Francesca Philson, Tamsine Foggin
Account Director: Rameez Al Aghbar
Account Manager: Caroline Barton
Production Company: Hunky Dory, Missing Pieces
Production Company Producer: Doochy Moult, Tyler Byrne
Production Company Executive Producer: John Dory
Director: Conor Byrne
D.O.P.: Andrij Parekh
Service Company in Slovenia: Division
Service Company Executive Producer: Rok Bukovec
Service company Producer: Rok Luneznik
Production Design: Miha Knific
Editor: Matthew Felstead
Colourist: Ben Rogers / GPS
Executive Post Producer: Annika Gustavsson / GPS (Gramercy Park Studios)
Head of VFX: Mark Beardall / GPS
VFX Artists: Eileen Chan & Stephanie Mills
Composer: Matthew Smith / Wake The Town
Artist Manager: Dominic Bastyra / Wake The Town
Lead Sound Engineer: Zak Kurtha / GPS
Production Company: The Mill++
Production Company Producer: Elliott Tagg
Production Company Executive Producer: Dougal Meese
Director: Jessica Bishopp, Alfie Johnson
Production Designer: Elizabeth El-Kadhi
DOP: Joe Douglas
Editor: Peter Andrews
Make-Up: Natasha Lawes
Artist Manager: Zach Brown
Brand Manager Raw Fury: Susie McBeth
Developers from Upstream Arcade: Patrick Martin, Adam Langridge
EMEA Partnership Lead Xbox: Gordon Donald
Managing Director: Claudine Harris / MIAI Brand Partnerships
Partnership Manager: Oliver Wiltshire
Media Agency: Carat