Rhinocort "You gotta take charge with Rhino" by JWT

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

Rhinocort blocks them pesky allergies in case they jump ya & relieves symptoms if they do.

Take charge with Rhino and show those furry friends who’s callin’ the shots. Some get a hold of Rhinocort to block and relieve your pet allergies. Capeesh?

Client: Rhinocort

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Sydney, Australia

Executive Creative Director: Simon Langley
Art Director: Nick Doring
Copywriter: Kat Thomas
Agency Producer: Claire McDonald
Production Company: Mighty Nice
Director: Darren Price
Design: Marie Thorhauge
Design / Storyboard / Animation: Bonnie Forsyth
Model / Surface: Trent Rogan
Animation: Bryce Pemberton, Aaron McDonald, Andrew Onorato
Composite: John Grist, Supriya Bhonsle
Head of Studio: Jeremy Howdin
Senior Producer: Tina Braham
Junior Producer: Diana Angelius