Roshen Wafers "Oh, ok"

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Advertised brand: Roshen Wafers
Advert title(s): Oh, ok
Headline and copy text (in English): Simplified to the limit slogans for new Roshen Wafers brand in Ukraine

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Advertising Agency: Rockets Growth R&D, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Creative Directors: Maksim Boritko, Artem Karelin
Published: July, 19

Short rationale: 

There are too many messages about taste in commercials. Each new slogan becomes more complex and metaphorical: "Explosion of taste", "100% taste", "More than taste", etc. All this has gone too far.

Rockets Growth R&D agency chose a different direction to tell about the taste of the new Roshen Wafers. Rather than complicating to the limit, they decided to simplify to the limit. The slogans they have created sound like what people would say in real life: “Oh, cool!”, “Nice stuff”, “That's ok”.  Simple and so unusual.  This resulted in the campaign of short, simple and ironic videos to promote new wafers.