Salvation Army: Ex-Valentine's Day

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Everyone has memories of ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, and when the ex is the one who ended the relationship, the physical traces of the history, gifts, clothes, his or her objects - can be an uncomfortable reminder with which we don't know how to deal with. The Salvation Army in campaign created by WMcCann, has a suggestion: the donation of such items to the entity. For if the memories of the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend may be unpleasant for some, they are at the same time, very useful to others. It is with this motto that the Salvation Army endorses the creation of the Ex-Valentine's Day, to be celebrated on April 18.

Client: Salvation Army

Advertising Agency: WMcCann, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Chief Creative Officer: Washington Olivetto / Creative Director: Milton Mastrocessario
Creatives: Carolina Markowicz, Fabiano de Queiroz
Media planning: Paula Marsilli, Viviane Vela, Kauê Guerrero, Fernanda Oya, Giovanna Novaes
RTVC: Regina Knapp e Arlete Piccinini / Production Company: Vetor Zero Lobo / Film Director: Gabriel Nóbrega
Director of Photography: Beto Hacker / Animation: Paulo Pássaro, D. Lee / Post Production: Felipe Seixas
Sound Production / Soundtrack: Zeeg / Operation director: Vera Dreckmann
Graphic Production: Marcelo Hack, Marcelo Pinto, Ricardo Rodrigues / Art Buyer: Ricardo Lívio, Zizi Damasco
Illustrator: Pict Estúdio /  Web Production: Funn-Digital  /  Account Service: Maximiliano Lacerda, Roberta Julianelli, Ronald Alaby / Project Manager: Julia Soares