Samsung "Flight of the bumblebee"

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Capturing the next video to conquer the web could just depend on whether you have the phone with the right features.

Nowadays you have to be alert, attentive, on the lookout. You’ve got to keep your phone at hand and be prepared to draw it out in an instant, because you never know what situation you will encounter that will warrant documenting.

It could be an elephant giving birth at the safari.

It could be a triple rainbow.

or it could be a traffic cop dancing in the middle of a busy street intersection.

At those moments, it is crucial you be able to operate and access the right camera features on your mobile at lightning speed because that may just determine whether your footage becomes the next big video sensation and ends up conquering the web.

That’s why for the launch of the new Galaxy S21 series with its advanced photography and video capturing features, we brought the story of a bumblebee that surprises a Dad making him do all kinds of goofy stuff you wouldn’t want to miss capturing. So while Dad is seen dancing to the tune of the bumblebee, his kids pull out their devices and document the moment, each using a different feature of the phone.


Agency Credits: Leo Burnett Israel

Client: Samsung Israel

CEO: Ori Gal

CCO: Ami Alush

VP Client Services: Yonatan Regev

Creative Director: Oren Ben Naim

Creative Team: Hezkush Yeshurun, Meital Miller

Agency Producer: Menny Zarhia

Account Supervisor: Hagay Zaken

Account Manager: Efrat Gelfand

Director: Eran-Shushu Spanier

Production Company: Green Productions

Marcom Director: Eva Hasson

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