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ŠKODA France, along with its agency, Rosapark, is introducing its new brand image through a film for the French market. The campaign will start on Friday, May 3 and will be broadcast simultaneously in TV, cinema and digital. ŠKODA France’s recent creative revival, initiated with the help of Rosapark, hasn’t escaped notice. "Mission to Mars" and "Station with a view" both received Cannes Lions, and the more recent "Ugly in the 90's" and "Doug the Dog", are testaments to the new creative conversation sparked by the brand and Rosapark.

After a long period in the shadows, ŠKODA is emerging to  proclaim its rejuvenation for all to hear, a rejuvenation exhibited by the new models the brand has regularly been adding to its range since 2017. Starting with the premium sedan SUPERB, and continuing with a complete range of SUVs (KAROQ, KODIAQ and soon KAMIQ) as well as compact sedan SCALA. All this, and, in 2020, the release of a new line of 100% electric vehicules.

With fluid lines, sleek design and equipment at the cutting edge of technology, the new range demonstrates the brand’s strong business dynamic. Paul Barrocas, Marketing Director of ŠKODA France: "In 2018, the brand surpassed 30,000 new registrations, one of the best progressions on the market, rising +49% in the last 3 years.»

Nevertheless, even with the increasingly popular models, the brand needs to continue its evolution and  increase its visibility. Many still haven’t noticed the brand’s renewal, which is why Rosapark has created a new brand image campaign to reinforce this revival in order to win over the public.

Via an 85-second film, ŠKODA is tackling the subject of customer preconception with humor and self-derision. As Sacha Lacroix, Managing Director of Rosapark explains: "With this campaign, we’ve made a bold choice to illustrate the position in which a large number of French people are now finding themselves with regard to the brand: they hesitate. They’re convinced by the model, yet they hesitate to take the plunge, hindered by entourage’s preconceptions and the brand's past. »

"By trusting Bart Timmer, a multi award-winning director renowned for his sense of comedy and story-telling, ŠKODA is leaving no room for hesitation and proving just how much the brand has changed," says Gilles, Co-Founder of Rosapark and Creative Director.

Discover the new campaign, “Hesitation is no longer an option" here:

The campaign, which includes spots of 30”, 60” and 85” launches May 3 online (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and Konbini), on TV and in cinemas.  The campaign will also carry out on Twitter where tweeters can use the hashtag #HesitationUltime (Ultimate Hesitation) to share their biggest moments of hesitation.

Hesitation is No Longer an Option : May 3 2019


Paul Barrocas : Marketing Director

Marie-Charlotte Bosvieux : Communications Manager

Céline Hahn : Advertising and Media Manager

Stéphanie Cantau : Digital and Social Manager


Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco

Copywriter : Julien Perrard

AD : Nicolas Hurez

General Director : Sacha Lacroix

Advising Director : Romain Bruneau

Account Director : Maxime Persuy

Account Manager : Audrey Martineau

TV production : Élodie Jonquille

Digital Strategy Director: Jeanne Neuschwander

Social Media Manager : Thomas Vincenti

Social Media Copywriter : Julien Thibon

Social Media AD : Léo Palti


Director: Bart Timmer

Producer : Jean-Luc Bergeron

Chief Operator: Daniel Landin

Chief decorator : David Bersanetti

Production Director : Yannick Dupas

Soundtrack : Schmooze

Post production : Mc Murphy

Sound studio : Schmooze