Spanish Heart Foundation "Escape from sedentary lifestyle"

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"Escape from sedentary lifestyle" Spanish Heart Foundation
“Flee from poor diet” Spanish Heart Foundation
“Escape from Tobacco” Spanish Heart Foundation

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Heart disease kills more people than any serial killer.

Advertiser: Spanish Heart Foundation - Fundacion Española Del Corazon

Creative Director: Rosko Ruiz
Art director: Salva R.
Producer: The Smoke Machine
Production Manager: Alberto Corchado
Producer: Juanma Rufián
Director: Dani Zarandieta
Ayte. Direction: Jesús Bermúdez
Director of Photography: Manu Lamelas
Service Camera / DIT: Provideotec
Art Director: Marta Espino
Music and SFX: Estudiomathica
Photographer: Fernando Marco

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