State Farm: "Being Aaron"

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Aaron Rodgers is obviously busy this weekend, so we double-checked the world and found this British guy who looks just like him. Come to find out, looking like the Discount Double Check guy has its perks.

Client: State Farm

Advertising Agency: DDB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Maxham / Group Creative Directors: Barry Burdiak, John Hayes
Creative Directors: Chad Broude, Brian Boord / Art Director: Chris Bruney
Director of Integrated Production: Di Jackson / Executive Producer: Scott Kemper
Producer: Luke LiManni / Production Business Manager: Scott Terry
Group Business Director: Penn French / Senior Account Director: Kim Brun
Account Supervisor: Jaclyn Govostis / Account Executive: Tina Rosin
Group Strategy Director: Gustavo de Mello / Editor: Nelson Leonard / The Now Corporation
Assistant Editor: Daniel Reis / Executive Producer: Nancy Finn / Finish: Filmworkers