Stockland "The Story of Dunder" by Havas

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The Story of Dunder | Stockland Christmas 2019 | #ThatsTheSpirit

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Advertising Agency: Host/Havas, Australia

Client: Stockland

Ben Allen, GM Customer and Group Marketing at Stockland, said: “We wanted to celebrate the unique Australian Christmas spirit that makes us all so proud to live in this country. That’s the spirit that Dunder embodies.”

“We know that Christmas is a special time of year for our customers and we are proud to be a small part of their celebrations whether it’s buying the prawns or turkey, searching for the perfect gift or taking the time to capture a traditional photo with Santa. We hope our centres can be a place that epitomises the Christmas spirit and that Dunder brings joy to our customers as they prepare for their Christmas celebrations.”

“We have more than 375,000 customers visiting Stockland centres daily and are committed to creating an experience as convenient and curated as possible for each one of them, particularly during busy times like Christmas,”

“We hope others may also be inspired this Christmas and make an effort to support and include those who need it this season.”

Executive Creative Director: Jon Austin
Creative Director: Matt Ennis
Senior Copywriter: Anthony Campagna
Senior Art Director: Jari Kennedy
Copywriter: Joe Ranallo
Art Directors: Fernanda Gil-pier, Manuel Rey
Design: Meng Zhang
Head Of Account Management: Jo Thomasson
Account Director: Max Bennett
Senior Broadcast Producer: Stephanie Cameron
Chief Strategy Officer: Olly Taylor
Senior Planner: Alyce Cowan
Production: Mighty Nice
Director: Darren Price
2d Animation Director: Bonnie Forsyth
Art Director: Softly Dunstan
Head Of Studio: Jeremy Howdin
Head Of Production: Tina Braham
Producer: Samantha Daley
Junior Producer: Diana Angelius
Storyboards: Bonnie Forsyth
Character Designers: Marie Thorhauge, Jason Pamment
Environment Designers: Yori Narpati, Alexandre Belbari
Animators 2D: Bonnie Forsyth, Michael Chen, Jarrod Prince, Ella Rousseau, Audrey Villafana, Alea Trinajstic
Animation Lead 3D: Duncan Maclaren
Animator: Michael Chen
Modelling / Surfacing: Greg Petch, Will Brand, Tristan Lock, Trent Rogan, Andrew Kimberley, Billy Harrison, Akhil Mittal , Karen Etherington
Rigging: Jason Dobra, Tessa Eden
Lighting: Trent Rogan, Mat Mccosker, Billy Harrison
Composite: Chris Angelius, Tobias Frei, Fiona Lu, Mathieu Carlot
Print: Jamie Phillips, Leanne Lee
Music Production: Song Zu
Music: Haydn Walker
Sound Design: Abigail Sie
Media Agency: Ikon Communication
Production Agency: Wellcom Worldwide

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