Subaru Outdoor Protection by Independiente

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Statistics show that the number of people suffering from skin cancer is incrementing and our clients at Subaru are no exception to that reality. This is why we have chosen to give them additional protection against the harmful rays of the sun to help them when as they go about their outdoor leisure or sports activities.

With the aid of the new Subaru Forester we travelled in search of the Jagua, a fruit used for generations by the Emberá, an indigenous community in the northern region of Panama, which uses the ink extracted from the fruit to paint their body and protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun when they go hunting or fishing.

We later returned to the city and with the assistance of two artists, which learned this ancient technique from the Emebrá, we gave this extra protection against the harmful rays of the sun to our clients that were constantly exposed to the sun during their outdoor sports activities. It is important to point out that this protection from the sun lasts for two weeks on your skin and then fades away.

Advertising Agency: Independiente, Panama

Creative Director: Jonathan Lasso Rocha, Dennis de Ycaza
Art Director: Luis Alvarado
Photographer: Pierre Rios
Additional Credits: Demencia Film