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Total is launching its new Space Travellers ad campaign featuring Total's upgradednetwork of service stations in France and around the world. Created with advertising agency BETC, the quirkycampaign will be deployed internationally, in Europe, North Africa, the MiddleEast and Asia.

The film, created by BETC, depicts a half-human,half-extra-terrestrial crew, whose low-on-fuel spaceship touches down at aTotal service station.  Despite being light-years awayfrom Earth, the members of this crew find everything they need and more at thestation, from Excellium fuel to the store's wares, a café and free Wi-Fi. Theyenjoy a pleasant, refreshing break before continuing on their way, newly"energized".

A NewTagline for Stations: "Energizing Life. Every Day."

As part of its corporate brand positioning “Committedto Better Energy” launched in 2014 and twenty-five years after introducing thelegendary slogan "You know where to turn”, this ad campaign unveils thenew tagline of our service station network "Energizing Life. EveryDay."

The new tagline is more than catchy words. It's astrong promise to customers that Total stations change with the times and areenjoyable, pleasant places to be.

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