Toyota: "Pugdy" by BBDO

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Toyota - Autorecargables hybrids

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We introduce you to Pugdy, the protagonist of our new campaign for Purdy Motor and its incredible Toyota self-recharging hybrids. Good morning, good cars!

Client: Toyota

Advertising Agency:Garnier BBDO, San José, Costa Rica

General Creative Director: Chepe Antillón
Creative Director: Diego Vásquez
Art Director: Diego Campos
Designer: Yeudy Guido
Account Director: Fabio Chaves
Account Executive: Laura Gordillo
Planning Director: Karla Molina
Executive Producer: Tomas Jankovich
Producer: Elke Madrigal
Postproduction: La Sala Post
Director: Emiliano Canales
Creative Team: Cristian Agüero, José David Alfaro

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