Unicef "The Class of No Tomorrow"

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Today, 1 in 3 children are out of school in countries affected by war of disaster.

In May 2019, UNICEF, showcased the effects of this crisis with a unique exhibition at Palma De Mallorca Airport, Spain to urge delegates attending the Third International Conference on Safe Schools to take positive action.


The Class of No Tomorrow.

The Class of No Tomorrow is an experiential exhibition of three wood sculptures, each one made from wooden debris taken from schools destroyed by armed conflicts. The wood was sourced from the remains of three affected schools (Left to right).

Shaped like children, these sculptures symbolized the innocent victims who lost their schools and right to learn due to armed conflicts. The sculptures attracted travelers and delegates at the airport, delivering a moment of revelation to each as they read about the truth behind each sculpture.

Eventually, the sculptures drove people to share their photos on social media and urged their peers and leaders to protect children and education from attack with the #ChildrenUnderAttack and #SafeSchoolsDeclaration as social media vehicles.

Advertising Agency: Traffic Digital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Executive Creative Director: Tuki Ghiassi
Creative Director: Ross Davies
Art Director: Jayesh Seth
Copywriter: Zaheen Bagasrawala
Strategist: Sophia Kenvold
Research: Sophia Kenvold, Louise Dunne
Additional Credits: Fineline, iMosion