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The Situation: Paraguay has a high number of children under 1 year old without birth certificate. 24% are not enrolled in civil registration, and this number grows to 35% at indian children. In essence, this means they have no official identity. With the upcoming presidential election, our job was to work with UNICEF, to make our candidates commit to this.

The Goal: In Paraguay, social awareness is not as respected as the law. So, Unicef needs the commitment of presidential candidates to work in children registration if they were elected.

The Strategy: Soccer is the favorite sport in Paraguay. The Paraguayan soccer selection matches has high rating in tv and radios. The strategy was send a message throws a soccer match. In association with 2 tv channels and 4 radios which conveyed the party Uruguay vs Paraguay for Brazil 2014 world cup qualifying, Unicef send a big message to presidential candidates.

Execution: Unicef generated “No name match”: during the opening minutes of Uruguay vs Paraguay soccer match (Paraguayan last chance to keep alive the chances to go to Brazil 2014 World Cup), 2 tv channels and 4 highest rated radios broadcasted live the game without saying the player´s names.
After that, our message was reveal:
Like these players, we all need a name and nationality.
In Paraguay, before the year, 1 of 4 children is not enrolled in the civil registration
What does your candidate think about that? Ask him
Once the message was sent, we activate celebrities on social media to reply the same message using #nonamematch

- It was viewed by 4.000.000 from 7.000.000 Paraguayans
- With an investment of U$S 5.000, we got a U$S 800.000 worth of earned media
- Free Publicity worth U$S 200.000
- UNICEF got to an agreement with the presidential candidates, where each one of them committed to generate specific actions for children and teenagers if they were to be elected.

Advertising Agency: ONIRIA/TBWA, Paraguay

Chief Executive Officer: Camilo Guanes / Executive Creative Director: Daniel Achával / Creative Directors: Jorge Tercarioli, Arturo Valiente / Creatives: Jorge Tercarioli, Daniel Achával, Camilo Guanes, Arturo Valiente, René López, Jorge Collar, Sergio Sevega / Planner: Rodrigo Weiberlen / Producer: Poli Achával / Other Credits: Metropolis Films, El Bagre Productora, LFZ, Inthependiente