Unicef "War on Disease"

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Children have the power to change the world, yet millions every year do not even reach the age of five. That is why Unicef is declaring a War on Disease.
War on measles, tuberculosis, pneumonia and other preventable diseases that claim so many children’s lives around the world.
Disease is an enemy that cannot be seen or reasoned with. But we can defeat it with you on our side. Join us now: http://unicef.uk/wod-join-us  

Advertising Agency: The Community, UK

VP Managing Director: Ryan Lietaer
VP Executive Creative Director: Mark Hunter
Planning Director: Fern Miller
Account Director: Terri Turner
Account Manager: David Jenkins
Project Manager: Joe Durow
Art Direction & Design: Adam Brewster, Stephen Vaughan
Producer: Caroline Angell c/o Bridle Productions
Research Company: Hazel May
Editor: Matthew Prickett / Cut & Run
Colourist: Henry Howard / Jogger
Post Production: Davide Pascolo / Jogger
Sound Design: Jonny Platt / Wave
Music negotiations: Anne Booty / SixtyFour Music