United Nations "UN75: Shaping Our Future Together"


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Global audio network Squeak E. Clean Studios Creative Director Simon Lister has teamed up with the United Nations to launch the intergovernmental organization’s 75th Anniversary film. Written and directed by Lister, and edited by Andrew Holmes, the film spotlights priority global concerns uncovered by the world’s largest survey on the public opinion of climate change, which the UN launched in January 2020. Squeak E. Clean Studios also crafted the music and sound mix on the film.

Juxtaposed against photos and footage of the trials populations faced in 2020--globe-spanning fires, the coronavirus pandemic, riots, warfare, and more--the powerful film leads with the UN’s original survey question: “If you could choose one thing to say to the UN, to world leaders, about the future, what would that be?” Within boardrooms, classrooms and congressional halls, the film showcases a diverse range of audiences’ top answers and challenges, from fighting climate change and increasing global sanitation to decreasing conflict and violence, and many others,  escalating into a crescendo of optimism and hope for society’s future worldwide.

Says Lister, “The great thing about this project is we could obtain content from those who go to the most polarised regions of the world to take these incredible photographs and footage. It was a humbling experience for us to find and feature the work of a whole community of international storytellers. Collaborating with these amazing artists to tell a global story, we hope the film elicits and provokes the urgent attention of our world leaders.

“Teaming up on this important project with film editor Andrew Holmes, my amazing composer Jessie Watt and producer Emma Hodge of Squeak E. Clean Studios, meant that we could put our creative skills to good use collaborating on a project with the potential to inspire meaningful change and hope for a better future.”


UN75 Production Credit List

Creative Director: Simon Lister @scilsta

Editor: Andrew Holmes @andreweditor

Executive Producer: Emma Hodge @ Squeak E. Clean Studios

Music: Jesse Watt @ Squeak E. Clean Studios

Sound Mix: Simon Lister @ Squeak E. Clean Studios

Grade: Olivier Fontenay’s - Heckler HQ

Translation: Ethno Link 

Voice Over: Angela Mahletjie - Moore Creative Partners 

Photographs & Video Credit’s 

Felipe Dana @felipedana

Michael Christopher Brown @michaelchristopherbrown

Andrew Guilty @andrewquilty

David Lazar @davidlazarphoto

Fabio Buccareli @fabiobuccareli

Mudslide Jan Egil Bakkeby via ViralHog

Ringo Chui @ringochui

Martine Perrett @martineperrett

Jimmy Nelson @jimmynelson

GMB Akash @gmbakash

Matthew Abbott @mattabbottphoto

NSW Fire & Rescue

Patrick Brown @patrickbrownphoto

Hayley Sadler @haileycsadler

Nikki Denholm @nikkidenholm

Ami Vatale @amivitale

Untitled Films @untitledfilmworks

Getty Images

Film Supply 

Amber Mountain Studios 

Tornado Troopers 


Simon Lister @scilsta

Tim Georgeson @timgeorgeson

The United Nations was founded in 1945 as the successor organization to the League of Nations in order to promote international cooperation and avoid conflicts after the Second World War. More than 190 states belong to it.

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