Volkswagen "Here" by DDB Paris, France

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Volkswagen offers an ode to « here » in a new series of films from DDB Paris. In the very particular context of the lockdown exit in France, Volkswagen has launched a new campaign along with a dedicated offer (the “Better days” – a series of exceptional deals including 3 years of warranty and 3 months worth of rent offered).

A campaign by Volkswagen to celebrate our new-found freedom and the return of the simple joys of life.

In a minimalistic and dramatic manner, the series of 7 films show all these places that concern us, those “here” we can’t wait to go back to. 7 places, 7 slices of life, all at once irrelevant, entertaining, and moving. Each one ends with a saying about the value of “here”. Because now more than ever, taking you “here” is the greatest thing Volkswagen can offer its clients.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France

Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Copywriter: Benoit Oulhen
Art Director: Mickaël Jacquemin
Planning: Loic Morando