Yerka "IT WORKS" by Baden-Württemberg Film Academy

Video advertising:

A fun spot signed by students from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy for the deodorant brand Yerka.

Summer is just around the corner and, regardless of whether or not the coronavirus is still around us, sweat will again flow through our burning bodies. And to try to mitigate the smells emanating from sweat glands, we will have no choice but to provide ourselves with a good antiperspirant deodorant. But which one to choose?

In his advertisement, Mario Dahl, a directing student at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, proposes a brand unknown in these parts but apparently very effective: Yerka.

In the spot its protagonists, two young men with a lot of jokes, undertake all kinds of experiments to check the effectiveness of Yerka. According to the students who signed the ad, it was filmed before the coronavirus crisis erupted, which explains its joyously carefree nature when it comes to human contact. Anyway, and once the worst of the pandemic is over and with the start of the de-escalation, its authors have decided to bring it to light to try to draw the viewer a smile.

Regie: Mario Dahl
Produktion: Stefanie Gödicke, Sophie Lotsch
Kamera: Marvin Schatz
OB: Thomas Bünger
Kostüm: Johanna Alschenken
Szenenbild: Sarah & Isabella Straub
Set AL: Vincent Waltan
Filmmusik: Alexander Wolf David
Sänger: Tom Appel
Sounddesign: Marco Dahl
Editor: Mario Dahl
Grading: Manuel Portschy
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Pit: Philipp A. Reinheimer
Paul: Florian Mania