Zespri renews its brand image

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Zespri has decided to modify its slogan, its logo, and even create and incorporate the "Kiwi Brothers" brand pets to give a radical change to its corporate image.

More than 22 years after its launch as a brand on the market, Zespri has decided to renew its corporate image. This new design reflects much better its intention to contribute to the prosperity of people, communities, and the environment through the benefits and virtues of kiwi. In addition, it intends to continue increasing its participation in the fresh fruit sector globally and expand its brand even further.

"From the combination of these elements emerges a new identity that addresses consumer interest in health and the search for nutritious, tasty, natural alternatives. Zespri™ kiwis are not only among the most nutritious fruits, they also taste great, allowing consumers to enjoy food that is both healthy and delicious. That’s the main message we want to convey with this rebrand. It is something that represents a major milestone for the company, emerging at a very productive time, and we are confident that it will satisfy not only our loyal customers but also attract new ones" says Esther Marinas, Head of Marketing for Zespri in Europe.