TV / Film Ads

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Honda TV / Film ads

Honda: "Centre of Everything" by Publicis

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne, Australia Client: Honda Production Company: Scoundrel...see more →

Land Rover TV / Film ads

Land Roverl: "New Range Rover Evoque"

Advertising Agency: Spark44, UK DESIGN The continuation of our design philosophy. With its...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda: "A good mother is a mother who feels good" by McCann

Honda Civic was always a family car for people who appreciate driving. This is for all parents who...see more →

Heathrow Airport TV / Film ads

Heathrow Airport "The Heathrow Bears Return" by Havas

It’s nearly Christmas, which means the #HeathrowBears are back! Watch the new film to see our furry...see more →

Givenchy TV / Film ads

Givenchy "L'Interdit"

Unveiling the new L’Interdit fragrance campaign video by Todd Haynes starring Rooney Mara. The film...see more →

Gillette TV / Film ads

Gillette "Your Best Never Comes Easy" by Grey

NFL rookie Shaquem Griffin knows that nothing comes easy. From earning defensive player of the year...see more →

Tele2 Kazakhstan TV / Film ads

Tele2 Kazakhstan: "Bloggers, shoot faster" by Kombinat

Advertised brand: Tele2 Kazakhstan Advert title: Bloggers, shoot...see more →

Heinz TV / Film ads

Heinz "Take It Heinz" by Dude

Heinz is one of those marketing players that have a special place in advertising history. That’s...see more →

Sony TV / Film ads

Sony "Window Into Daytime" by DDB

A new TV experience awakens with our latest BRAVIA OLED. This TV pairs the life-like colour, deep...see more →

Keep New Zealand Beautiful TV / Film ads

Keep New Zealand Beautiful: "Don't upset Mama Nature!" by FCB

Advertising Agency: FCB, New Zealand Production Company: Tomorrowland Director: Justin Harwood...see more →

Icelandic Cancer Society TV / Film ads

Icelandic Cancer Society: Male Cancer Awareness

Commercial for The Icelandic Cancer Society about Male Cancer Awareness Advertising Agency:...see more →

Lexus TV / Film ads

Lexus: "Genetic Select" by Team One

Introducing Genetic Select by Lexus in partnership with 23andMe. The world’s first service that...see more →

NIVEA TV / Film ads


Advertising Agency: FCB Fältman & Malmén, Stockholm, Sweden Creative Director: Magnus Fältman...see more →

LEGENDA TV / Film ads

LEGENDA: "Corridor + Bedroom + Living room + Kids room" by Possible

Advertising Agency: Possible, Moscow, Russia Creative Director: Artem Filimonov...see more →

San Francisco Giants TV / Film ads

San Francisco Giants: "It doesn't get more SF" by McCann

If Buster Posey weren't a player, he'd be a famed chef who finds culinary...see more →

MasterCard TV / Film ads

MasterCard: "SAFETY & SECURITY" by FCB

Creating a cherished memory, that's what it's all about in this emotional MasterCard...see more →

Mentos TV / Film ads

Mentos: "The Man With A Coin" by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

In this ad directed by Christian Shilling, a painfully indecisive boy relies on a coin to make some...see more →

Legoland TV / Film ads

Legoland: "Get Ready for Fun" by BMB

The story of a Legoland park warden who has overslept and has to dash around the...see more →

Mecal TV / Film ads

Mecal: "shows how people reacted" by Snoop

Mecal International Short And Animation Film Festival from Barcelona celebrates its 20 anniversary...see more →

Paper and Packaging Board TV / Film ads

Paper and Packaging Board: "How Life Unfolds" by Cramer-Krasselt

Explore new worlds with paper and packaging. Innovation is virtually limitless...see more →

Diesel TV / Film ads

Diesel: "JoggJeans - Made To Run Away" by Publicis

Love the humor, if commercial are like this I won't skip them. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Italy...see more →

The One Club TV / Film ads

The One Club: "turn passion into profession" by Serviceplan

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany see more →

Yves Saint Laurent TV / Film ads

Yves Saint Laurent: "MON PARIS COUTURE" by BETC

BETC Luxe is Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s global agency for all...see more →

IKEA TV / Film ads

IKEA - Make room for passion - by DDB

IKEA’s mission is to get Belgians to fully enjoy their homes, their time and their lives. The...see more →

Taobao: "Discover A World Of Treasures" by mcgarrybowen
Taobao TV / Film ads

Taobao: "Discover A World Of Treasures" by mcgarrybowen

Advertising Agency: Mcgarrybowen, Shanghai, China Chief Executive Officer: Simone...see more →

Ford TV / Film ads

Ford: "Mustang - Thunder" by GTB

Advertising Agency: GTB, São Paulo, Brazil Executive Creative Director: Vico...see more →

Nestle TV / Film ads

Nestle: "Easter with Nestlé" by David

No one is too grown-up to enjoy Easter with Nestlé. Advertising Agency: DAVID,...see more →

Audi TV / Film ads

Audi: "Zero Emission" by Selmore

Advertising Agency: Selmore Creative Agency, Amsterdam, Netherlands Creatives: Diederick Hillenius...see more →

Cadillac TV / Film ads

Cadillac: "Never Stop Daring" by Rokkan

Our future is built on daring. And that future is now. Advertising Agency: Rokkan, New York, USA...see more →

Little Caesars TV / Film ads

Little Caesars: "Skatepark" by Barton F. Graf 9000

Have you heard about the RADDEST Little Caesars Lunch Combo of all time? You're about to! Scoop one...see more →

La Parole Aux Sourds TV / Film ads

La Parole Aux Sourds: "Unsilenced" by BETC

Discover Unsilenced, a unique collaboration between the French-...see more →

Lacoste TV / Film ads

Lacoste: "Save Our Species" by BETC

Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France Agency Management: Bertille Toledano, Fanny Buisseret,...see more →

MasterCard TV / Film ads

MasterCard: "StartSomethingPriceless" by McCann

22 passionate people. 22 cultures. 1 universal language. Could a football match bring them together...see more →

ING TV / Film ads

ING: "Love Beats Money" by JWT

How much are your friendships worth? Advertising Agency: JWT, Amsterdam,...see more →

The Sound Food Uprising TV / Film ads

The Sound Food Uprising: "Stop eating marketing" by Copacino + Fujikado

Advertising Agency: Copacino + Fujikado, Seattle, USA Chief Creative Officer: Jim Copacino...see more →

The Cheesecake Factory TV / Film ads

The Cheesecake Factory: "Made With Love" by Pereira & O’Dell

You've never seen cheesecake like this.  "Made With Love" for The Cheesecake...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda: "The Power of Dreams" by Hakuhodo

The Power of Dreams Theater vol.02 is a story of a family and their car. The main character is Emma...see more →

Land Rover TV / Film ads

Land Rover: "SPORT DRAGON CHALLENGE" by Spark44

Cars have completed the 99 turns, but will the all new Range Rover Sport and Panasonic Jaguar...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda: "A mixed reality race between real and virtual" by RPA

Honda’s rich racing heritage lies at the heart of this highly ambitious project, which features the...see more →

Hong Kong Tourism Board TV / Film ads

Hong Kong Tourism Board: "Good Fortune Everywhere" by Grey

Chinese New Year is one of Hong Kong’s biggest festivals, and everywhere you look, you will see...see more →