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This year has been a whirlwind of emotions for many of us, with moods running high and low as we struggle to create new routines in a quickly changing world.  But there’s a universe that can adapt to any mood, one that has the potential to improve any situation – Just Dance, Ubisoft’s iconic dance game franchise. With the release of Just Dance 2022, Sid Lee Paris and Ubisoft wanted to show that whatever your mood, there’s a move. The new campaign, “Just Dance it Out”, invites audiences to improve any situation through Just Dance, demonstrating its effects through a pair of films showing a diversity of characters discovering there’s a move for everything in the Just Dance universe. 

Waiting for laundry, prepping for a date, or just plain bored, “Just Dance it Out” shows how the emotional power of Just Dance can transform the mundane. The films, directed by Watts, are set in a unique universe inspired by the in-game experience. Sid Lee Paris, the directors, and the teams at Mathematic, who mixed VFX with practical effects, collaborated to create crazy, colourful visuals and scenarios that draw viewers in and inspires them to get moving.  

"The pandemic just helped us  realize how dance is an essential for a generation that needs to move in a static world, with Just Dance we have more than a game, we have an emotional outlet for all,” Bruno Lee, General Manager and Strategy Director 

Typically played among families during the holidays, Ubisoft hopes to encourage audiences to make the game a part of their life all year long by showing the benefits it can bring on a daily basis. “Just Dance it Out” is more than a campaign, it’s a call to action, to encourage people to use dance to work out their emotions. With a diversity of characters and scenarios, the films show the infinite number of possibilities in which Just Dance can bring us together and help us express ourselves.   

The campaign launches in EMEA on TV Nov. 19th. 


VP Marketing Branding Management & Esports: Lionel Hiller 

Marketing Director: Sébastien Ratto 

Brand Manager: Anaïs Armandy 

Agency: Sid Lee Paris

CCO: Sylvain Thirache 

President: Johan Delpuech 

Creative Director: Stéphane Soussan 

General Manager & Strategy Director: Bruno Lee 

Chief Operation Officer: Antoine Ferrari 

Senior Copywriter: Paula Hochberg 

Art Director: Jessy Kikabou 

Group Account Director: Jessica Ferris 

Project Manager: Théo Margrain 

Head of Production: Thomas Laget 

Producer: Koniba Pleah 

Strategists: Sarah Herbain & Héloïse Dung 

Production: Mathematic TV  

Director: Jenna & Tripp Watts 
Executive Producer: Hadi W. Dahrouge,  

Producer: Emeric Samier.   

Director: Watts  

VFX Supervisor : Emeric Samier 

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